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It all started here,

Shortly after meeting in Cambodia roughly 6 years ago Irish and Marnix became partners. Not only in business but in life. They started their first business together, a small Japanese fusion restaurant in a tight nit community on the coast of Cambodia. They have always had a big passion for food, so after they sold their first business and moved to Phnom Penh it was to no surprise that they ventured in a food business once again.


Nom Nom
was brought to life!

Why is it always so easy to get unhealthy food at an affordable cost but this is not the case with healthy options? This is where NomNom makes the difference by providing healthy, fresh and delivered meals at an affordable price.

This Is Our Passion

Our goal is to make healthy meals accessible for everyone. Providing our service to individual clients, offices and gyms. Meals that have been scientifically approved and macro counted by our partnered nutritionist.

Keeping It Organic

We only use fresh ingredients that’s free of refined sugars and artificial flavorings. We stick to our promise which is healthy, fresh, delivered.

Healthy. Fresh. Delivered.

the founders

Marnix & Irish

Marnix and Irish have been working together sharing their love for food and healthy living for years. Irish grew up in Singapore being submerged in a vibrant food culture and Marnix earned his stripes in Western Kitchens. Together they started their first Japanese Restaurant in Otres before moving to Phnom Penh where they worked on a small delivery company for healthy food, which grew to what Nom Nom Healthy Meals is today. Marnix and Irish are the creative geniuses combining fantastic flavours with ease and convenience for our clients.


Dennis is an entrepreneur that has founded multiple tech companies in Europe, before moving to Asia to dedicate his life to Martial Arts and Yoga. After meeting Marnix at the local Fight Gym a friendship formed and the love for healthy living and good food was shared. Dennis joined the team during the official founding of Nom Nom Healthy Meals and shares his athletic and entrepreneurial experience. Supporting a holistic approach to healthy living combining: exercise, good nutrition, enough rest, love and connection together with a joy for life.


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