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10 meals • 2 Meals/day: $60

5 meals • 1 Meal/day: $30


10 meals • 2 Meals/day: $70

5 meals • 1 Meal/day: $35

Meal Plan


20 meals • 2 Meals/day: $120

10 meals • 1 Meal/day: $60


20 meals • 2 Meals/day: $140

10 meals • 1 Meal/day: $70

Meal Plan


40 meals • 2 Meals/day: $216

20 meals • 1 Meal/day: $120


40 meals • 2 Meals/day: $252

20 meals • 1 Meal/day: $140

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Low-Carb Option

10% OFF on every 40 meals ordered

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Vegetarian +$1.5/meal

Non-Vegetarian +$2/meal

Low-Carb Option +$0.75/meal


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Turkish Eggplant
Chicken Bibimbap
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Lentil Salad
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Important FAQ's

*specific delivery time can not be requested as arrival time depends on the drivers route, daily operations, traffic/weather conditions.

We offer a wide variety of cuisines from Western to Asian meals that’s designed by our nutritionist from HNCA and trained chefs.


One of our philosophies is the key to sustaining a balanced macronutrients diet is to keep it fun and delicious. Healthy does not just mean Chicken breast and steam vegetables or boring salad all the time.

Our Weight Loss Program is recommended to those who are looking for a diet that is low in carbohydrates, sugar, sodium and cholesterol. We only use lean meats and whole-grain in our weight loss plan.


Our Balance Program is recommended to those who are new in calorie counting or who want a holistic diet that can improve their daily lifestyle. It is perfect for those who want to keep portioned serving of rice, pasta and bread in their diet.


Our Performance Plan is recommended for those who are looking for low carbohydrate and high protein diet. We replace the starchy carbohydrate sources such as rice, bread and pasta to low glycemic sources such as veggies, sweet potatoes, beans and legumes. 


Our Keto Meal Plan is recommended for people who wants to do weightloss and it lowers insulin levels. It consist of 5%-10% Carbohydrates, 15%-20% Protein and 60%-70% Fat. We only offer full meal plans for optimal effect.

We deliver for free to Toul Tumpoung, Beoung Keng Kang 1 2 3, Daun Penh, Koh Pich, Beoung Tumpun, The Factory and Olympic only.


There will be additional $1.25 per day delivery surcharge to Chroy Ampov (Borey Peng Hout/Southbridge), Toul Kork, St. 2004 (CIA First, Royal Orkide, Northbridge school, Cambodian Country Club, Bali Hotel), Steung Meanchey.

There will be additional $2 per day delivery surcharge to Sen Sok, Ratana Plaza, Pochetong, Tuek Thla.


You can choose between 10am-1pm or 7pm-10pm delivery.


For Keto Meal Plans and for Boost Plans we only offer 7pm-10pm delivery so that your meals will be ready for breakfast. 


On the weekends before your subscription begins our delivery manager will send you a message regarding the delivery window for your location. Over the course of the subscription, your designated driver will send SMS once he arrives at your address or when the delivery has been made. Please be informed that entrance fees, gate fees, parking fees and the like shall be shouldered by the customers.

For the new subscribers please create an account here.


For previous subscribers please log in to your account.


Kindly make sure the information you enter is complete and correct. We cannot push with deliveries if the details are incomplete. Likewise, Nom Nom will not be liable for any missing meals due to incorrect delivery details.


Once booking has been done a confirmation SMS with the order details will be sent to your number within the next 24 hours. If you do not receive any confirmation notifications within the said period please call or text us at +855 87 779 621.


Our order cut off time is every Saturday at 12pm.


We accept 1 day trial but orders must be done before 7am of the same day. 


Allergies and sensitivities: These will be assessed by our team for approval and maybe subjected to extra fee. See our full guide to allergens and special request here.

We accept payments via ABA bank transfers, bank deposits, Wing Payment or Cash on Delivery. Please note that internal bank charges shall be shouldered by the customers.


Total amount due must be paid by the first day of delivery.


Failure to pay on time and lack of feedback will result in cancellation of deliveries for the remainder of the subscription period. Nom Nom shall send the customers and official confirmation regarding all charges and cancellation. 

Once our driver delivers your meals, a delivery alert SMS will be sent. Kindly eat or refrigerate your meals immediately. Nom Nom will not be liable for meals stored improperly after delivery.

We do delivery from Monday to Saturday. Our office is hours is from 8am to 5pm every Monday to Friday and 8am and 12noon on Saturdays. Any inquiries outside these hours will receive a response within the next business day.


We are closed every Sunday and major public holidays. (Khmer New Year, Pchum Ben, Water Festival, Christmas and New Year). No deliveries will be made during these times.

For any changes or cancellations please notify us at least 24 hours ahead. Beyond this time, cancelled or missed meals shall be considered sold, non refundable and no longer convertible to credit.

You will receive 15 tokens from every client who uses your code and they will receive 10% off on their first order. There is no limit on how many clients you refer, therefore there will be no limit on how many tokens you can earn. Each token is equivalent to $1 off your next order and it will expire after 3 months. You can find your referral code in my rewards tab of your Nom Nom account.

Our packaging is made from compostable kraft boxes. We offer reusable packaging with deposit of $15.


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