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Nom Nom For Fitness

Nom Nom goes the extra mile for all those on track to greatness. Athletes and active individuals will be supported  with all the right portions you need catered specifically for any work-out regime. 

Stay healthy, stay in shape.

Nom Nom Healthy Meals supports athletes and active individuals maximizing athletic performance and offers a science-based approach to nutritional support. Our expert nutritionists are ready to support you with any goal be it athletic, fitness, health or beauty.  Nom Nom offers a wide range of products for athletes including premium meals, snacks and juices that are available and fits the personalized nutrition plan. 

The Nom Nom team believes that together we can achieve so much more than alone. We have partnered up with the most competent professionals in Phnom Penh, ranging from personal trainers, sport teams, physiotherapist, health professionals and athletes. Together we offer a direction forward, combining healthy food, an active lifestyle, enough rest and a lot of love for life. Let us know what your goals are and we are able to support you. Below you’ll find a short overview of some of our premium partners.

Nom Nom's Sponsored Athletes

Chan Rothana

Chan Rothana is the current King of Cambodian MMA, he competes under the One FC banner and was a finalist on One FC’s Featherweight Grand Prix. Chan is the face of Cambodian Fighting and Nom Nom supports his run to the top.

King Kong

Kong grew up on the farm near Siem Reap and has won all this Kun Khmer fights on National television. Kong hopes to make a transition to MMA to fight at the big stage and Nom Nom wholeheartedly supports his ambitions

Mark Gorgiev

Mark is a diverse athlete competing at Triatlons, Ultra Marathons and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He shares his active lifestyle and shines his light on how to live life to the max. It takes a special kind of person to compete in Ultra Endurance Races.